Sun Valley Flying

I made it over to Sun Valley on Saturday. I was going to try and participate in the Intermountain Paragliding League meet.  It was called off because of overcast clouds. I did get to do two sled rides before going home.

Here is my track log from my second flight. Flying Sun Valley

Some pictures from the day as well.


This is definitely one of the sites I would like to go to. I have no idea when, but one of these days.

I also got to fly Bogus Basin for the first time. I was doing pretty good until a cloud blocked the sun, then it was all down. Not much fun after the hike up almost killed me. I’m not in very good shape these days.

Bogus in July 2010
GPS track of Chuck flying Bogus in July 2010

Goofing off on Sunday

Made it out to Skyview High school in Nampa on Sunday to do a little flying with Greg and Matt. I was also practically forced to get a new phone over the weekend, so I have some images to share as well.

There is an informal competition going on at the Indoor flying club. A bunch of people are building up a ‘Jack’s Plane’ to compete with. Greg and I got in on it. We got the kit 2 weeks ago,  and had our planes out tuning them. With these small planes, tiny adjustments make big differences.

Mine flew much better than I would have thought, I just hope it doesn’t decide to fly differently in two weeks.

[youtube width=”212″ height=”172″][/youtube]

Here is Greg flying his canard. Pretty sweet machine that got a lot of complements.

[youtube width=”212″ height=”172″][/youtube]

Wow… Almost forgot I had a website

I broke my camera last fall, and really haven’t had a good reason to post anything. So, without further ado, something I did find worth posting.


I was really impressed by the concept of ikigai.