I’ve made it out to King Mountain a couple times this year. Have yet to get high and go somewhere, but I am working on it.

On my most recent visit I was able to fly from lower launch on King, to John Kangas’ glider park. I followed a hang glider pilot in and landed on the run way after I did some maneuvers to loose a little altitude.

Greg landed right beside me, but landing at the runway was a little close for him. So no cool pictures of Greg landing in the evening light. Maybe next time.

If you look at the picture above, you can see some sailplanes in the background. I had a good time watching them flying at King mountain. The way those pilots fly those ships in the mountain air is extremely cool. If I had not broken my camera, I would of had some really good pictures.

I’m going to try and get over to Sun Valley this year to fly Baldy. I have heard of some really good flights from there. Two guys even flew from there to Mackay, Idaho. That is about 40 mile over some pretty rough country. Maybe I’ll get good enough to do that one of these days.

Until then, enjoy this video of Tyler landing after a flight from 8th street.