Flying car?

Maybe. If it can carry armaments, why couldn’t it carry people?

According to the builder:

Excalibur is a purpose-built armed, tactical UAV. Excalibur fills a gap between current weaponized UAVs and manned strike platforms that provide tactical air support. To enable the attack role, Excalibur will be compatible with Hellfire, APKWS, Viper Strike and other small, precision-guided munitions recently developed by the Department of Defense.

Excalibur will use a turbine-electric hybrid propulsion system to give the aircraft VTOL capability while allowing optimization of the turbine engine for horizontal flight. The aircraft’s advanced flight control system operates with a high level of autonomy. The aircraft is not remotely piloted, therefore operators are able to focus on mission planning, finding, and engaging targets instead of flying the aircraft.

Excalibur combines VTOL launch and recovery, high-speed flight (in excess of 400 knots), and low speed loiter (100 knots) into one aircraft. Excalibur can operate in a STOL or STOVL mode for increased mission durations or payloads.

Aurora is under contract to the Army’s Aviation Applied Technology Directorate to design a 700 pounds Excalibur technology demonstrator aircraft, which is scheduled for flight in late 2008 pending availability of funds.

True, this is a UAV right now, but who knows where someone could take a design like this.

The page says it moves at 400 knots cruise. That is 460 mph with 3 hours of endurance. I would take 200 mph and 2 hours.  Maybe one of these days.

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