Flying Swan Falls, Feb 7
PG Crew at the SE Swanfalls LZ

PG Crew at the SE Swanfalls LZ

Made it out to Swan Falls over the weekend. Mark, Bruce, Greg, Rob, and Blaine were all there. We initially met at the Melba flying site, but it was much too light to fly there, so we headed over to Swan Falls to fly the SE launch. The day started out light but it turned on enough so that all the paraglider pilots got about 45 minutes to an hour of flying in.

I followed Mark off the hill and took a quick 3-5 minute sled right to the bottom. Bruce launched behind me and flew for quite a while. I made it back to the top in time to get his landing recorded:YouTube Preview Image

Greg was kind enough to take some images of me while I was flying.

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Maybe something like this

… is more realistic.

YouTube Preview Image

From the manufactures website:

Based on the very popular STOL CH 701 design from Chris Heintz that was first introduced more than twenty years ago, the all new STOL CH 750 design incorporates all of the 701’s amazing short-field capabilities, while maximizing cabin size and load carrying capability allowed under the FAA’s new Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft category.

Like the original, the STOL CH 750 aircraft was developed as an “off-airport” short take-off and landing kit aircraft to fulfill the demanding requirements of both sport pilots and first-time builders.  Designer Chris Heintz has combined the features and advantages of a “real” airplane with the short-field capabilities of “ultralight” aircraft. The aircraft features fixed leading-edge slats for high lift, full-span flaperons (both ailerons and flaps), an all-flying rudder, and durable all-metal construction.

The only real question left is whether the garage is big enough to build it in or not.

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If only….

…. I had enough money. Here is why:

YouTube Preview Image

Ah, the possibilities. Fishing, hunting, vacationing. Only $140k. I could probably save that in another couple lifetimes.

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Motors Spinning

I got motors spinning last night. I booted up EMC2 and connected my Hobby CNC Pro board. I had to turn down the voltage on the motors because my bench power supply wouldn’t run it at full power. But, I successfully ran the default g-code in the EMC program.

Now all I need to get a machine built. I wish I paided more attention in wood shop all those years ago.

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Finally got some flying in.

I made it out to Swan Falls and got some flying in last weekend. It was very cold, but I still managed to get in about 45 minutes of good ridge soaring. Mark, Bruce, Rob, and Greg all showed up.

Lots of spectators too. Overall a good time.

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