Flying on Sunday

Got out flying on Sunday, and had a good time. The wind was strong, but smooth with a good amount of lift. I followed Mark down the hill to launch.

My first attempt really showed the rust from lack of flying in the winter. So much for kiting in the part on Saturday. The second attempt was better and I got off the hill and climbed out. I flew for about 45 minutes and landed behind main launch.

I took off again after getting some water and a snack. That launch was much better, and I flew again for 45 minutes. Could of flown much longer, but the sun was going down and I had places to be. So I top landed just about where I took off. Overall a great day.

Pleanty of people out. Bruce, Greg, Chris, Mark, Blaine and me. We could use some new blood, or even old blood that doesn’t get circulated much.

Brad, a new HG pilot, was out for his first soaring flight. I got video of him taking off and landing.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I was also able to get my camera replaced. I picked up the same model that I had before, only this time it cost about 80% less.  So there are pictures too.

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Goofing off on Sunday

Made it out to Skyview High school in Nampa on Sunday to do a little flying with Greg and Matt. I was also practically forced to get a new phone over the weekend, so I have some images to share as well.

There is an informal competition going on at the Indoor flying club. A bunch of people are building up a ‘Jack’s Plane’ to compete with. Greg and I got in on it. We got the kit 2 weeks ago,  and had our planes out tuning them. With these small planes, tiny adjustments make big differences.

Mine flew much better than I would have thought, I just hope it doesn’t decide to fly differently in two weeks.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is Greg flying his canard. Pretty sweet machine that got a lot of complements.

YouTube Preview Image
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Wow… Almost forgot I had a website

I broke my camera last fall, and really haven’t had a good reason to post anything. So, without further ado, something I did find worth posting.

YouTube Preview Image

I was really impressed by the concept of ikigai.

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I’ve made it out to King Mountain a couple times this year. Have yet to get high and go somewhere, but I am working on it.

On my most recent visit I was able to fly from lower launch on King, to John Kangas’ glider park. I followed a hang glider pilot in and landed on the run way after I did some maneuvers to loose a little altitude.

Greg landed right beside me, but landing at the runway was a little close for him. So no cool pictures of Greg landing in the evening light. Maybe next time.

If you look at the picture above, you can see some sailplanes in the background. I had a good time watching them flying at King mountain. The way those pilots fly those ships in the mountain air is extremely cool. If I had not broken my camera, I would of had some really good pictures.

I’m going to try and get over to Sun Valley this year to fly Baldy. I have heard of some really good flights from there. Two guys even flew from there to Mackay, Idaho. That is about 40 mile over some pretty rough country. Maybe I’ll get good enough to do that one of these days.

Until then, enjoy this video of Tyler landing after a flight from 8th street.

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Flying on Saturday

Bruce called and said he was going to try and catch a glass off at Pickle, I told him I’d go. I’m really glad he called. Thanks Bruce.

When I got there Bruce was already there, and he said the breeze had died. We stood around talking and about 5-10 minutes later a thermal started pushing wind over the main launch. This lasted about 25-30 minutes, tappered off again for about 5-10 and started over.

I didn’t need any more convincing, and neither did Bruce. We suited up and took off. I left the ridge and scratched for quite a while before making in up to launch height. We flew around for a while hitting good lift between main launch and Calbus launch. Bruce and I flew for about an hour before landing and getting everyone else going.

On my second flight I was doing about the same as the first when I hooked a nicely formed thermal over near the west launch, this took me, Bruce, Justin, and Rob for a nice ride up to around 1000′ over. I got out the camera and took some pictures and promptly fell out of the lift like a rookie.  Justin rode it out for a while longer before coming back to the ridge.

It was a lot of fun, and a really good time. Thanks again for the call Bruce.

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