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Sun Valley Flying

I made it over to Sun Valley on Saturday. I was going to try and participate in the Intermountain Paragliding League meet.  It was called off because of overcast clouds. I did get to do two sled rides before going home. Here is my track log from my second flight. Flying Sun Valley Some pictures […]

King Mountain Safari 2010

I made it out to the King Mountain Safari this year. Only for a day this time. The weather just didn’t cooperate for my paraglider. The sailplanes and the hang gliders had a good time though.


This is definitely one of the sites I would like to go to. I have no idea when, but one of these days. I also got to fly Bogus Basin for the first time. I was doing pretty good until a cloud blocked the sun, then it was all down. Not much fun after the […]

Goofing off on Sunday

Made it out to Skyview High school in Nampa on Sunday to do a little flying with Greg and Matt. I was also practically forced to get a new phone over the weekend, so I have some images to share as well. There is an informal competition going on at the Indoor flying club. A […]

Wow… Almost forgot I had a website

I broke my camera last fall, and really haven’t had a good reason to post anything. So, without further ado, something I did find worth posting. I was really impressed by the concept of ikigai.